In the craziness that some people call life, and I just call crazy, I forgot I had an outlet for random news, stories, and blonde moments. My blog! 

Remorse, look of tragic sorrow: I have not forgotten thee, oh midget corner of cyberspace I used to frequent. Ok, I did forget you for awhile. But I’m back! And I hope to be a little more steady. Some things just have to fall through the cracks when one is a dependable person; namely one’s duty to the virtual world, because one is so busy with reality.

Suffer that blow, Facebook.

Life is pretty exciting, though, when you think about it. Would you really rather be stuck in a hut on the edge of the desert chewing on sticks because you refuse to go to a store where you might see a human being, than be involved in surprise engagement plans, a friend’s wedding, all the classes that are finally in your major, writer’s group, the student literary magazine, running around in the sunshine, trying to purchase a longboard, trying to wrap your mind around political science, holding down two jobs, writing letters, and sleeping? 

That is a really hard choice.

There are days when I would pick solitude over the human race, but I think I would suffer greatly. Where is that elusive concept called balance? Where you’re able to say yes to the things you want to do, the things you are able to do, and no to the things you have no interest in, and know you are not capable of. I can’t find it. Where is it? Is it under my dusty bed? Hiding in the molding shower? Stuffed inside an expired can of unidentifiable something in the fridge? Or maybe people find it behind the sofa. Lurking beneath the oven?

No one ever moves their ovens. Try it and let me know what new species you find.

Ah, balance. So much harder than standing on a too-skinny beam tumbling and rolling and jumping. Those gymnasts. I don’t know how they do it. I can’t even balance my brain enough to say something that might resemble sensibility.

Like, do you even understand what I’m saying?

Who are you anyway?

What have you done with my balance?! Give it back! I must hoard it!

Maybe I should just learn to say no. But what would I say no to?


Just kidding………………………..










I think this is the rantiest rant I’ve composed on this blog. Well, maybe I will be back next week with something intelligent and thought-out. Until then, I’ll be searching this apartment low and high for that sneaky balance.

Do you think it will be tempted out by a chocolate muffin? Always worth a try…


Question of the Day: Banana Nut or Blueberry? How do you say no nicely? Especially when you really wish you could say yes?



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