I’ve got a website, ya’ll!

It looks very grown-up, which is kinda scary. Thanks to the wonderful efforts of my talented artistic friends this site makes me look a lot classier and elegant than I am in real life.¬†Professionalism is an art I struggle at. But they made me look good! And so I take my hat off to them and will send them notecards and virtual scones. (Because if I sent real scones, they wouldn’t be very good by the time the post office delivered them. Booooo)


Check out my website, and read some of my work, and if you like it, follow me on some of the social medias listed on the site, or right here on wordpress, and maybe one day I’ll actually figure out how to use the social medias…

Yes, I know that was a very funny joke. But miracles can happen!


2 thoughts on “New Things!

  1. Very proud of you! great job, I would agree take “the growing up” thing in small doses
    have a great day sweet pea
    love Dad

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