First off, look up the song “Better When I’m Dancin'” by Meghan Trainor. Great song. Then, come back to this page, and learn about this blog. It’s about a couple snatched minutes of entertainment before you go to that boring class in school. It’s about that tiny moment when you thought, “Life is pretty much perfect right now.” It’s about that smile you shared with your friend over an inside joke. It’s about the pieces of your history that you may not think makes much of a difference in this crazy world. But those pieces do affect the world. It might be the leaf displaced from that tree you just walked by. Or the sticky lollipop juice passed from that toddler’s hand to yours. It may be small, and seem insignificant, but the lightest touch on water makes an ever widening ripple, so don’t underestimate those little actions you go through each day. I call those little things snippets. Bits. Pieces. Parts. Odds. Ends. When you have a big pile of those snippets, who knows what you could make with them. Why not make a story? Why not share it with the world? That’s what I would like to do here.

If you’d actually like to learn more about me, you can visit my website: http://dakotawilster.com/ and check out some of my work. Thanks for visiting!


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