Down a Mole Hole

I’ve been thinking about holes lately.

Everyone seems to go down a rabbit hole. But so many animals/things make holes. For example – the mole – think Wind in the Willows. Or, ostriches. Or those spiders that dig holes and cover them with a web. Ick. Or those ground aerating machines that punch little divets into the ground. The pegs on the bottoms of soccer cleats.

What is a hole?

A lack/loss of something that used to be filling/filled in, and has been taken away. The lack/loss/emptiness of the hole means that the filling-in stuff has been separated from where it should be and put in another place.

If I was going to write a story about a hole, I might…

~write about a character who is a magical bottomless pit. Where DOES all that food go?

~think about various contexts in which people DIG holes: planting, graves/burials, foot in mouth, treasure, sandcastles, pools, foundations, China, flour well for egg/liquid, in cooking, dog bones/poop, fire pits…

~ponder how we use the word hole/whole, piehole, a-hole, holy, holey, wholesome, dig holes, shut your hole, hole in the bottom of the sea, crawl in a hole, dig a hole in conversation, hole up, ‘hole ‘nother sumpthin’ or other, tear/ rip a hole, create a hole, left a hole, hole in my heart, hole in one, hole/burrow, stuck in a hole, fallen down that darn proverbial literary rabbit hole…

~write about things lost, taken away, lacking, and what the flipside of that would be. For example – if someone dies – where do they go? If they leave a hole here, do they fill a hole somewhere else? If you scoop dirt out where does it get displaced to? Everything remains in balance. What WAS in the hole doesn’t disappear when it’s taken out, it has to transform or fill somewhere else. Think about a raindrop striking the ground and how it would look if you were an ant: it moves the dirt out of its way with the force of its weight/mass and the dirt splashes up at the moment the rain splashes down and the hole is created by the loss of dirt, and yet filled by the water, all at once.

That’s all the Swiss cheese thoughts I have today. What are you pondering? 




“A semester long break” indeed.

So it’s been two years…and much has happened since I took that Nature Break.

Here’s the quick DL:

  1. I am no longer DL; I am DW. I got married! (And its awesome!)
  2. I moved from Maryland to Florida. I changed time zones, I moved so far away. I Basically, I moved to Alabama, but they call it Florida still.
  3. I finished my master’s degree. Phew. Glad that’s done.
  4. I’m working on getting a website up and running where I flaunt my professionalism and writerlyness (writerlymess?). Still not sure it’s a good idea, but lots of smart people have told me as a writer/author, it’s a good idea. What can I say? I gave into peer pressure.

Lots of changes! Stay posted…you lovely person whoever you are who stumbled upon this long-forgotten blog. New words, thoughts, ideas, and ramblings to come in the near future!

The Recluse

The Recluse

My family is on vacation.

I am not.

8 Reasons I Love Being Home Alone:

1. I can clean anything I want to, and no one tells me they are going to do it, or feels guilty for not doing it before I got home. Break out the micro-fiber cloths and laundry baskets! I’m here to dust and organize. Ah, feel the beat of my heart slow to normal rhythm now that the clutter is annihilated. I didn’t know what a state of anxiety I was living in until I tackled those dust bunnies and piles of magazines into submission.

2. I can watch whatever the heck I want. So far that’s been Harry Potter, Anne of Green Gables, and Jane Austen, among other things. And it’s great because no one gives me the You Want to Watch Thaaaat? look, no one interrupts my movie asking me for something, and no one says Stop Quoting. Oh, it’s a grand life to watch TV by oneself. Nothing compares. Utter bliss.

Sporty, one of the kids I nanny, drew this injured Harry Potter for me in oil pastels.
Sporty, one of the kids I nanny, drew this injured Harry Potter for me in oil pastels.

3. I can eat whatever I want. Vegetables. Yogurt. Meat. Fruit. Ice cream. Eggs. I lead a plain simple life, adorned only by garlic and olive oil. and the occassional drizzle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.


4. I can sing as loud as I want and no one tells me with undisguised sarcasm that I should become a country music rockstar.

5. I can stand on chairs as long as I want. Call it a quirk, but sometimes, I just need to get above it all, get out of my own head. And a physical change in point of view helps. So I stand on a chair. Family Unit finds this strange and pass by underneath my thoughtful eye with judgment. Since they’re gone, I would stay up there all day if I didn’t happen to have a day job.

6. I can bang extra hard on my typewriter keys because I can. No one yells “What’s going on up there?” by which they mean “Would you cut it out?”IMG_2401

7. I can do homework. I love my family, I really do (though that might be in dispute according to the above points…) but it’s super-duper hard to do homework at home when they’re at home. I’m a big-time procrastinator on my own. Having them around is like having four extra me’s assisting in procrastinating. By the time I get myself settled down and doing work, someone needs me to unload the dishwasher, help them move a sofa, give an opinion on this or that, or they want me to eat with them. I never knew how popular I was until I started doing homework. But with everyone gone I am the only one to blame for not getting things done, and I’ve become a master at scolding myself for not sitting down and doing homework. Therefore, I’ve been most productive in the time Family Unit has been gone.

8. So…when are they coming back again? I miss them. 😦 

New Things

Cue the sarcastic tone: Because I am notoriously great at living up to things I post on the internet, I am going to tell you (whoever you are, you lovely person, you) what I plan to do in two weeks.

I plan to graduate college.

Yep. That’s what I plan to do. I also plan to find a job until I get into grad school so I can start paying off some bills before the next flood of You Owe Money begins to pour on my poor head. Ha. Homophones. Didn’t mean to make that punny.

I have other plans, too, such as reading this shelf of books that I haven’t read yet but own. There’s this strange pain in my chest and if it had a pain to voice converter it would say “You own these books but you’ve never read them? How do you sleep at night knowing you own unread books? How do you justify buying new books or used books when you know you have stacks of unread books waiting at home forlorn, waiting for you to crack their spines open and make them happy by eating the words inside them?”

Its a deep pain I bear, people.

My plans also include creating a writer’s life (more on that in a later post, hopefully), doing a puzzle, more volunteering at my church with my middle-schoolers because I miss them! and crafting some inspiring art that I can frame and hang on the bare orange walls of my room. Also applying to grad schools, saving all the pennies I find on the sidewalk in order to pay for grad school, sleeping in a bed larger than a toothpick, working at a job that I love at least a little bit and where I get to meet new people and try some things I’ve never tried before, learn something about the working world that I can use later in life, and yeah. I have some high hopes for the future even if they aren’t super specifically tailored to a certain field.

You know, right now, I’m just musing in cyberspace. We still call it that, right? I’ve been stuck in a little (literally little – my school is less than 2,000 students) college bubble where everyone is about 20ish years and they have big ideas and big ideals but they haven’t tested most of them out in the world. I’m getting ready to pop that bubble. I’m sure someone has said this before me because as my mother is fond of saying there’s nothing new under the sun, but these things are new under my sun. Not God’s and that’s really nice because it means He’s got my future in His Mighty Hand, but I haven’t gotten to pop this bubble yet.

I’m kind of excited.

Tomorrow I will most likely be curled under my bed because the monsters of going out into the working world to be an adult just have me too scared to even look at those monster’s toenails. But I don’t want to spend my life under the bed too terrified to look out and slam the monster’s toes so he’ll get so mad he’ll go find someone else to bother. I want to tickle the monster’s toes until he laughs so hard he decides he wants to be friends with me. We will go conquer the world together, the monster and I. And I’ll learn that growing up isn’t so bad.

I’m still gonna jump on the bed.

Here’s the thing I’m rambling around to with all these plans and these vague dreams: I am not scared of growing up. I’ve got Peter Pan in the back pocket of my pencil skirt. He’s not going anywhere. I’ve got the Brooklyn Bridge sitting on my desk so I can remember that industriousness is a good thing, even when you’re facing obstacles like people telling you you can’t do it. boo boo boo BOO. And most importantly, per my talk with God this morning melting in the corner on the carpet, my Bible in front of me.


December 13th? I’m ready for you. Bring it.

What are you facing down this week? It could be dishes in the sink, or Mount Everest; if you wanta share whatever it is, I’ll listen. I’m not a goal-oriented person, if I haven’t mentioned that yet. So if you’ve got tips for tackling this stuff feel free to splurt that in the comments, too, whoever you are you lovely person you.

Start Reading

Good Morning, Internet, as Lizzie from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries would say.

The morning is almost over, so let me urge you to jump out of bed, get off your butt and get on with your day! It’s almost eleven o’clock where I am and nearly half the day is already gone!

Do you ever have slices of life that feel like they have so much going on that nothing is going on? That seems silly, and backwards, but that’s how my life is right now. I guess it’s working to get to a definitive decision, or working through tens of twenties of little questions in order to get to the big question. But you don’t want to hear about that – you want to hear about something funny or interesting or at least spicy. Something that will make a smile tickle your ribs or cause a jolt of I DO/THINK/SAY/FEEL THAT TOO!

But I have no such anecdote for you. I refuse to give you a recap of my life’s current events; you should be concerned with your own. I will not bore you with complaints about life because actually…for once I have none today. And I won’t tell you how loud my stomach is growling at the moment because you might think yourself at the zoo by the lion enclosure.

Do me a favor and go watch We Bought A Zoo when you have an hour or two. Totally worth it.

Should I talk about books? About music? Food? Crafts? Art? Tea? Literature? Libraries? Writing? All of the above? None of the above? Movies? How I wish people would speak slower and more distinct? How the number 55 on the clock makes no sense? You can’t get anything done properly when crammed into the last five minutes of the hour. the first five minutes of an hour, sure, but not those 55-59. It’s just…ugh.

I have decided: music and books. Because today is a day to ramble through your house putting things back on shelves and letting your feet pretend they know how to dance the Nutcracker. This time of year, it is always the Nutcracker.

So you will be getting a bit of current events because I am going on Thanksgiving break soon; the last Thanksgiving break of my undergraduate career, and I am looking forward to going out with a couple friends but not too many since I’ll be home temporarily permanently soon, reading, doing hard core homework so I can enjoy my last two weeks at school guilt-free, baking scones, filling out grad school applications, and taking the GRE.

This last…we cannot speak of it yet. It brings on a severe need for comfortable things like tea and scones and blankets and books and hugs and orange things and sharp pencils and socks and…yes.

Anyway. Books! This is what I hope to be reading over Thanksgiving break since I am NOT going Black Friday shopping. I’ll stay up all night to read instead, how’s that?

Neither Wolf Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn. This is a book that one of my professors lent to me on pain of death if it be not returned. So it’s priority on my list so that I actually make it to graduation alive.

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. An old favorite that I am now proud to say I own! I can stop checking it out of the library over and over and over again, giving no one else a chance to read it because, well, I always have it.

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. Just for kicks, but also because I read Paper Towns by John Green recently and now I want to ingest Whitman. Also, I am writing a novel (shh!) around the time period he was writing and I’m trying to get a solid feel on the voices of the time period.

Captivating by John and Stasi Elderidge. This is a book I have wanted to read for a very long time and a friend kindly lent it to me. I’m almost a fourth of the way through already and it’s a slow sweet book that you need a quiet space to examine your own heart in order to fully read the book.

Cyndere’s Midnight by Jeff Overstreet. This novel is part of the Aurelia’s Thread series and is full of beautiful language and characters. It is a fantasy novel and I lovedlovedloved Aurelia’s Colors (the first book in the series) and have read Raven’s Ladder but could not for the life of me find this one anywhere. The same wonderful friend that lent me Captivating also lent me Cyndere’s Midnight. I squeeed loudly when she said sure you can borrow it.

American Life: 1865-1878 by some guy called Nevins. This I will be reading snatches of because it is also for my novel in-progress. I started NaNoWriMo – we will see if I finish it…

Also, a book you can get on your Kindle, by Natalie Backhaus called When Two Worlds Meet. She’s a new author, and I happen to know her! Actually, it gets even better: she’s my roommate! So go check out her middle-grade novel about a boy who has an adventure in historical Williamsburg. I was privileged to read the first draft and now I finally get to read the final copy!

Here’s one that’s coming out in February that I CANNOT WAIT TO GET A COPY OF: A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd, and you can link to her blog here, and preorder her book here. She’s awesome and I’ve never met her, but she’s high on my list of wonderful peoples to meet someday.

All the Natalies I know are very cool people (though I don’t personally know Natalie Lloyd)! Here’s another who likes photography, you can check her work out here. Explore her little website and all the pretty.

So that’s seven books in one week. A book a day. Do you think I can make that? Ambitious, but I’m going to try. That’s all for today, but tell me what you’re reading down in the comments! (Cass) (But also Anyone who reads this :))

“It’s Stuffed.”

That is a quote from Secondhand Lions in case thou wert curious.

Today is a list day. And it’s kind of a boring list because nothing phenomenal has happened in my life in the last ten minutes that I could tell you about. Whoever you are. I mean, I would tell you about the spectacular awesome totally radical stuff that happened twenty minutes ago, but see, I have super short term memory loss.

Uh Huh.

This Summer It Is My Goal To:

…Eat a whole watermelon in one sitting.

…Read 50 books.

…Go to the beach. A LOT.

…Make new friends. Lots.

…Actually maybe most likely wear sunscreen when appropriate without someone reminding me that would be a good idea.

…Turn 21.

…Haha…that’ll be an easy one to cross off. It isn’t like you can just choose to not have your birthday.

…Wear my hair in a hairstyle that isn’t a ponytail once a week. All day. Oh my.

…Read 1st and 2nd Thessalonians.

…But first, finish reading Daniel.

…Decide if I am going to grad school or not.

…I guess make my bed. Every day. Oh my.

…RUN! Almost Every Day.

…Try lots of different kinds of popsicles. Yeah.

…Learn how to sharpen a pencil with a pocket knife.

…That last one is because my favorite pencil doesn’t fit into our pencil sharpener. And it’s dull. And I want to not be afraid to use a pocket knife. That whole snap open, snap shut thing kinda scares me.

…Clean my car out.

…Ohhhh…Ima go do that right now…

I Wonder

I wonder:

~ about how many miles per hour the clouds are rushing by above me when I lay on the damp grass and watch the wind scuttle them to different places.

~ how long it will take me to read the 17 inch high stack of books I acquired from the library last week.

~ when my favorite song will come on the radio next and where I’ll be driving to when I hear it and who I’ll be with.

~ what to do with my rusty spring, two sparkling lemonade bottles, broken two by four, and old black dining room chair.

~ about what it will feel like to go back to school months from now and how I’ll live without my family again.

~ what I’ll really be doing when I graduate from college in a year and a half.

~ how many lightning bugs I can catch this summer.

~ when I’ll actually get out of bed at 6 am and go running like I’ve been telling myself the past three weeks.

~ if I’ll ever get to fly in a hot air balloon.